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Planned Service Agreement

It’s true. Out of sight usually means out of mind. It’s the main reason for neglected furnace and air conditioner maintenance guidelines. Because HVAC systems are always installed in remote areas of homes and business (away from the public eye), makes them easy to be ignored. Much of the time, they are taken for granted until they fail. Unfortunately, that fact that your system is operating does not ensure that it is operating at peak economic efficiency. By ignoring your HVAC system until you recognize higher utility bills, personal discomfort, productivity loss, one can expect premature parts and/or unit failure.
With proper installation, sizing and maintenance, your system will operate at maximum efficiency and last much longer than if it was not maintained.

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Planned Service Agreement Offers:

  • Discounts PSA customers receive 10% discounts off all parts including compressors and heat exchangers.
  • Peace of Mind Preventative maintenance will mean fewer system failures and an extended HVAC system life. Preventative Service Agreements are transferrable to new owners.
  • Priority Service PSA customers have priority over others anytime their system experiences a problem.
  • Emergency Service PSA customers receive 24/7 emergency service year round with no overtime charges.
  • All Seasons’ comprehensive Clean & Tune checklist will keep your system running at peak efficiency.